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│ Descriptions │

  • Transparent window is removed in order to eliminate refraction of light
    and irregular reflection.
  • Direct exposing visual of advertisement enhances the visibility and purchasing power.
  • Resolving inconveniences of open and close the frame during replacement of the film.


  • │ specification │

     Advertising Page

     Convenient Sliding-Insertion Method

     Light Source

     V-Cut Pattern, 2 Side EDGD LED Light guide plate 


    12V, 2A, SMPS 


     Plastic injection molding 


     One-touch control, Casting-base plate, Movable Ball-caster, fixed, Angle contorl, steel, 1,200~1,600mm 


     FRAME - White, Black, Silver, Gold, Wood (Walnut design)
     POLE - Movable_Height control(Chromium plating)
    Fixed(White powder coating)


     Panel(mm) - Width 450(420) X Height 600(550) X Depth(Border 6.0 / Center 15.0) 
     POLE (mm) - Minimum 1,200 ~ Maximum 1,600 

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    view lighting panel

    view lighting panel